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Zygomatic Implants

The dental alternative you didn’t know you have

The dental alternative 
Zygomatic Implants treatment is an alternative procedure for patients with extreme atrophy, i.e. patients suffering from severe bone loss in the upper dental arch.
In contrast to traditional implants, Zygomatic Implants do not require grafting procedures, the latter usually means lengthy treatment times.

The zygomatic bone, situated at the upper and lateral part of the face, offers better density and sufficient thickness to provide anchorage and loading of an implant.
The surgeon places the implants in the zygomatic 
bone, allowing better rehabilitation of patients with severe resorption.
Severe cases of atrophy cause patients to suffer discomfort and limitation.  Zygomatic Implants offer a solution, and usher patients to return to a normal quality of life.
The zygomatic bone does not reabsorb, which means ?(define ‘reabsorb’ as used in this sentence)?, as opposed to the maxilla and the jawbone.  This is why the rate of success associated with bone regeneration is higher compared to conventional implants.
As it does not require bone grafting, it reduces treatment time, healing time, and thus the disadvantages related after grafting procedures are minimal, if at all.

Zygomatic Implants The dental alternative you didn’t know you have
It is an ambulatory procedure, which means it does not require hospital admission.  Zygomatic Implants can be performed in an operating room by a maxillofacial surgeon, allowing the immediate rehabilitation of patients after implants are placed.
Many people are looking for a solution to regain their smile, involving only minimal surgical procedures, while improving their quality of life immensely.  

Zygomatic Implants treatment is the solution.
At your service, Sani Dental Group is the only dental clinic that offers Zygomatic Implants. 

Health In Paradise magazine Agosto 2019
Health In Paradise magazine Agosto 2019