Saint Luke's Hospital

SAINT LUKE’S HOSPITAL, part of the Saint Luke’s Hospital Group, providing world class health care services to the residential community of Los Cabos for more than 12 years. We offer a full range of medical services that include emergency services, advanced surgical specialties, a full complement of inpatient and outpatient services, complete laboratory services and pre-hospital care. Other general services include concierge and home services, and preventative medical check-ups for accurate diagnosis of your health. Saint Luke’s is recognized as the most comprehensive health care provider in Los Cabos, offering exclusive medical services to many hotels, residential communities, and local businesses throughout Los Cabos.



SAINT LUKE’S is recognized as the leading hospital group for Medical Tourism in Los Cabos. The medical specialties include bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, pediatric surgery, dentistry,  general surgery, obstetrics - gynecology, cardiology, eye surgery, oncology and dermatology.


At Saint Luke’s you’ll love the way we care for you. You always receive professional service with warmth and cordiality, respect and care.

Committed to bringing the highest quality medical care to all.

You're invited to contact the medical specialists at Saint Luke’s Hospital to discuss any health  issues and the particular medical treatment that's of interest to you.