Los Algodones

Vicente Guerrero, also known as Los Algodones, is a small town located northeast of Baja California, three hours drive away from Tijuana, or an hour from Mexicali which borders the United States. So far, nothing different from other border towns -- so why do people visit here everyday... by the thousands?

It is because, in this small town of 5,500 inhabitants, about 500 of them are dentists, and there are more than 350 dental clinics -- making Los Algodones the Dental Capital of the World!

Here, you can find highquality dental services, as well as excellent prices.  For example, with US$ 300, you can have a root canal treatment, which can cost more than US$ 1,000 in the United States.
Los Algodones was founded on July 17, 1894.  In addition to its proximity to the Colorado River, large cotton fields adorn this beautiful town, and is breathtaking to see in full bloom in September.  It also has particularly interesting sand dunes, drawing an international crowd every year to its International Sand Board Tournaments.  Experience the feeling of freedom boogieboarding down the dunes or ATV’ing.

You can also find a variety of restaurants, including Californian fare as well as exquisite Méxican cuisine.

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