Dear Medical Tourist

The Health Tourism industry in Mexico is one of the ones that has grown the most in the last decade, progress has been made in leaps and bounds, however, we must not diminish, it is necessary to continue in search of better services for each of the patients who come from different parts of the world, of which a large percentage come from the Canada and United States, who fall in love with our landscapes, the human quality of the people, our customs and of course, we cannot leave our exquisite food aside. Which is a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, therefore, are choosing to choose our beautiful country as their new place of residence or as their second home.


That is why through your magazine Health In Paradise, we will take you to know the wonders of this majestic country, through our pages you will know the most complete information regarding medical tourism in Mexico, as cutting-edge medical treatments, the best offer of places where specialty procedures can be performed, as well as technological advances, will be some of the things to discover in each of our editions, all of course in the hands of renowned medical specialists with service in the best hospitals in Mexico.


We want your experience to be unique and pleasant at each visit, so in addition to medical services, we will bring you selected options for lodging, food, entertainment, among others; both for companions, as for patients; and in the same way we will share the best and most incredible alternatives so you can enjoy your life in the best restaurants, hotels, tours, golf courses, museums and festivals, imbued with Mexican customs.


And as we know that Mexico will love you, we will put at your fingertips the best and most exclusive real estate options, in the beautiful and paradisiacal Mexican lands.


Reminding you that in this, YOUR magazine, we are already open to receive your opinions, concerns and topics of interest regarding the Medical Tourism industry in Mexico, its related services and Luxury Real Estate sending them to


Without more, I leave for now, to enjoy the content that has Health In Paradise, inviting them to be part of our social networks to not miss a single detail of our content.