The Tequila

The most emblematic alcoholic drink of Mexico is obtained from the fermentation and distillation of the Blue Agave, an indigenous plant of the municipality whose name derives the name of the drink, which besides being delicious, also has several curiosities to its credit, here we taught you a few about it.

Tequila, its name comes from the Nahuatl tequitl, which means work or trade and tlan, which is equal to place. It can only be called this if it is made with the aforementioned blue agave plant. All the rights of the denomination 'Tequila' belong to the Mexican government.


In the United States alone, more than 50 million liters of tequila are consumed annually, which accounts for the popularity of this beverage.


In 1918, Mexico experienced an influenza epidemic. The doctors ordered the patients to drink tequila, lemon and salt to remedy the disease.


Through some fantastic technological advances, scientists can use it to make synthetic gemstones, such as diamonds.


Its consumption in moderation can help prevent diabetes, senile dementia and stroke and even lower LDL cholesterol levels.

To the small glass or wood glass used to drink the tequila is known as "caballito", which got its name because the rancheros brought water and tequila to their horseback ride, they loaded a small glass in the neck to take their drinks. When they came to ask what the glass was, they said "pa'l tequila on the horse".


Salt and lemon: IF you want to reduce the tequila hit. The first thing you should take is salt, which will help you salivate, then the tequila and finally the lemon.


Tequila Sunrise: This was the first cocktail made with this drink, its ingredients were orange juice, grenadine and of course, tequila.


Singers believe that a horse before a show helps open the throat and is true since the spirit of Tequila acts directly on the vocal cords.




Puritito Tequila, Lemon and Salt


Fill the glass of Tequila, suck the lemon with the salt and BUMM !!

The Guinness world record for the biggest margarita is held by entrepreneur Nick Nicora. The cocktail was created at Cal Expo Sacramento on July 13, 2012 and weighed 10,500 liters, with 2,100 gallons of tequila José Cuervo.


An agave takes between 8 and 12 years to be ready to produce tequila. The process is as follows: the leaves are removed to the plant until leaving only the heart, similar to that of the pineapple. It is then cooked, ground and allowed to ferment. The person who carries out the work is called 'jimador'. HIP