Savings in Medical Procedures in Mexico

As for the Medical Tourism industry, Mexico is advancing by leaps and bounds as the favorite of the largest and largest consumer market in the United States, with approximately 50 million Americans without health insurance Or with a policy that does NOT cover certain procedures.

Of the main reasons why those from the United States and Canada choose their neighbor is in addition to their proximity an important factor is the economic, since these services in Mexico range from 36% to 89% savings according to the procedure a According to ProMéxico data.

Of course, the quality of hospital centers, such as the high preparation of medical personnel are determining factors when choosing them, as well as to recommend them. That is why more and more hospitals and health professionals are certified to offer high quality medical care and safety to all their patients.


TREATMENT                                      UNITED STATES                               MEXICO

Angioplasty                                         US$47.000°°                                       US$15.000°°

Abdomen Flattening                           US$6.400°°                                         US$3.000°°

Coronary Bypass                                US$88.000°°                                       US$37.800°°

Gastric Bypass                                   US$18.000°°                                       US$13.800°°

Breast Implants                                   US$6.000°°                                         US$2.500°°

Dental Implants                                   US$1.200°°                                         US$900°°

Mastectomy                                        US$17.000°°                                       US$7.500°°

Rhinoplasty                                         US$6.200°°                                         US$2.800°°

Source: AARP

In other more frequent procedures such as dental, ophthalmologic and oncology interventions, among others, savings start from 50% onwards. These costs are very significant since it encourages them to travel for their respective medical examination and to take advantage of small and placid vacations in Mexican lands.