New Mazda 3

It is evident the great work being done by the Mazda brand, with the renewal of all its fleet of vehicles from the exterior design, its comforts at the interior level and of course the technology put into its engines, performance, and low fuel consumption.

But they are not yet answered as they continue to develop engines with much more environmentally friendly technology if they neglect the power their customers are looking for and the launch of this new engine is planned for 2020 initially in its Mazda 3 models.

Of the latter, with its recently renewed version, with subtle changes but that make a big difference in terms of the concept and the segment in which they want to position themselves. It shows us a very elegant and powerful sedan from the outside. In its cabin has some finishes, as mentioned, luxury.


The slight turn of the screen towards the driver, the elements of levers of change, the adjustment in the steering wheel achieve an ergonomics and position of sporty handling that site to you to handle. A dynamic digital board. In short, the perceived quality and luxury are the best because everything in the top are plastics, fabrics, leathers, and aluminum, they feel very good to the touch, as well as in the upper area of ​​the board and the steering wheel are covered in leather, as well as on the sides of the panel that divides the driver's copilot.

In conclusion, it is a sedan that surprises us with its high-quality finishes and features compared to the price from its average version, that is, it is a luxury, which we can still buy at a standard price.

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