MPF House

Located in an exclusive Residential on the outskirts of Guadalajara, this beautiful house expresses in all corners the beauty of the fruit of the work, dreams, love, and kindness that its owners offer to all the people around them.


This beautiful house was built on a wide terrain no matter how long it took in order to give it the best details to mix with the warm colors of the mountains that surround them, as well as that their spaces extend the tranquility of the breeze and vegetation that They make them.


A building of two levels, four rooms spacious enough to give free rein to the imagination in the decoration. Large corridors communicate to the main bedroom with the two rooms that are part of the second silver, as well as the large lobby that is on entering the house interlacing the office, located on one side with the fourth room that is at the other end.


The design was adequate to take full advantage of natural light, as is evident in all corners whose initial shows we notice immediately we enter the social area - dining room and kitchen - where large windows make the perfect connection to the garden and other Extension of the lot, also allowing you to appreciate the landscape that is visible from there. On the second floor, although the corridor and staircase do not have a view, the latter has an impressive and very well designed glass cloth that runs from the base of the first floor and continues to a part of the ceiling, which allows a natural clarity that It spreads out much of the aisle, however, as if that were not enough, this aisle at its top adore three ingenious square apertures of good size closed with a clear glass reinforced to finish giving this one the illumination of the exterior.


In the best style of an infinite pool, the large garden is centered as the main protagonist and the main social area in events as familiar as a birthday, father's day or just a celebration of any event, in which to the far left end Of the land sports a simple and very polished designed grill, with enough space to prepare large quantities of food appropriate to a good number of people.