Dream Places

Mexico is a country with a vast cultural wealth that also has exotic landscapes and places, many of them seem to be drawn from dreams and beautiful fantasy stories. Surely several of them will not see them in commercial tourist guides, as these sites jealously guard their mystique, preserved only for those adventurers who come to visit them.


So, on your next visit to Mexico, whether to attend medical questions or looking for your second home, pack your suitcase, paradisiacal places await you to meet and enjoy.

Lake Camécuaro


The first time you visit Lake Camécuaro, you will evoke a scene of mystery, as drawn from the precise descriptions of the stories of Lovercraft or Edgar Allan Poe, with the difference that instead of being petrified with fear will be of emotion and privilege already That its almost immobile waters and the texture, shape and dense foliage of the trees that complement the landscape, will satisfy you with an indescribable tranquility which will make difficult when you leave this unusual place.


Sanctuary of the Fireflies


Surely you have heard that "reality surpasses fiction", something that you can confirm by visiting the Sanctuary of the Fireflies, a charming place to enjoy in the months of June, July and August. Walking during the night will be the ideal moment, since the natural flash of thousands of fireflies and the sound they emit, will give you one of the most amazing nights you can experience.


Monterreal, Coahuila

When vacationing if we talk about snow, huts in the middle of the forest and skiing evoke places in Europe, North America or very south of South America, but you would never think that Mexico has this type of destination appropriate for the months of December and January, Which gives you an excellent option in case you want to change quickly because of the sunny weather since you would have a few kilometers with lush beaches.




It is inevitable that as long as we are immersed in everyday life we ​​become bored of the environment and only pass through our mind to be in a perfect place of beach, where the soft and fresh breeze make us forget the exhaustion, the crystalline waters refresh us, where Only friendly and smiling people welcome us. Mahahual is the perfect place to satiate our imagination, located on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean Sea, with the second largest barrier reef in the world.


The Sian Ka'an Reserve


Those who were pioneers in the invention and/or manufacture of the technology of the images of full HD, 4K, among others, surely visited the Reserve of Sian Ka'an. The unimaginable landscapes with their white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, the contrast of its canals and lush vegetation, and the abundant exotic animals that inhabit it, from an environment capable of causing an overflow of emotions that begin with marveling eyes and explode In the soul, certainly an ecstasy of colors that you can not help but enjoy.


Patzcuaro Islands

Their names are Copujo, Janitzio, Jarácurao, Pacanda, Tecuena, Tecuanita, Urandenes, and Yunuen. If you have ever heard that death in Mexico is celebrated, you will not find a better place to live that experience than Patzcuaro, where for November 2 (day of the dead) everything is dressed in colors and an atmosphere full of mystical joy, nostalgias And above all respect to all those loved ones who have already left this earthly life. Saucers, clothing, drinks are used as offerings to represent what their loved ones were in life.