As we have said before, the whole team of Health In Paradise magazine, we had great expectations regarding this event and to tell the truth, they did not comply with them ...... to be fair and I think I speak for many of us who were present The days in the events, the organizers (American Chamber Mexico's tourism committee, Guadalajara Chapter), were very successful and surpassed the expectations of ALL attendees and catapulted the festival to the point of considering it the most important in Jalisco and the referent of promotion Tourist of the state. From now we eat anxieties, to know that it will come next year.


Medical Tourism


Medical tourism was positioned as one of the most relevant topics of the event. Rudy Dopico, director of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), said that countries such as the United States, China and the Caribbean represent great opportunities that can be taken advantage of by Mexico and he held that Guadalajara has what it takes to be positioned As a "health city", but also warned that it is necessary to work internally in the Medical Cluster of Jalisco and externally with hotel and transportation services.


Positioning Canada as a major player in the field of medical tourism, Luz Sagrario González also stated that "it is necessary for hospitals to be certified to provide security," but stressed the quality of the services offered by state clinics since More than 10 years, like San Javier, Real San Jose, Puerta de Hierro and Lomas Providencia, to name a few. He pointed out that the country of the north has a large number of retired populations that have serious problems in terms of health benefits since priority is given to the younger


Gabriela Alianiello added in the panel 'Business Opportunities in Medical Tourism' that it is necessary to join efforts to achieve the greatest economic potential possible, take concrete steps and take advantage of the current conditions of the health system in the country; In addition, affirmed that "Mexico does not ask anything to anyone in medical quality."


The Four Elements


The four business elements gathered at the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental in Zapopan during an enriching conference. José PP Elizondo (Water) talked about 'productive optimism' and how this skill is learned and developed in the face of adversity. He affirmed that problems should be addressed in a constructive and proactive way, and above all with partial solutions based on facts and data. On the other hand, Enrique Gómez Gordillo (Earth) talked about how to continue selling in the time of crisis; Urged attendees to dare to see things differently, to learn to live with changes and to maintain the determination, since the rules change quickly.


Miguel Uribe (Air) took the opportunity to give important advice on the power of customer service; Invited the public to become allies of its consumers through the trust and emphasized that they recognized the important, special, valuable and unique that is for them. Finally, Miguel Baigts (Fire) enriched the perspective of the public on the subject of the digital communication to create and sell value brands and stressed that innovation and prestige are indispensable elements. "There are no small or large companies on the web, there is only intelligent communication," said the rapporteur.



Workshops - Seminars


The Santo Coyote Restaurant hosted several workshops and seminars, including Sports Tourism, which included the presence of Ramón Godínez Ortiz and Oscar Eduardo Márquez Dueñas, members of COMETUD (Mexican Council of Sports Tourism, for its acronym in Spanish). The speakers discussed the potential of Jalisco to host sporting events and transform them into tourist experiences, which is why the organization began working for two years with organizations such as the Ministry of Tourism, CONADE and CONDDE, and will soon do so with States such as Tabasco and Michoacán, in order to concretize actions to promote economically.


For the activities that were held in different points of Guadalajara, we attach a video that shows them the waste of culture with Jalisco.