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Bread of the dead

One of our favorite breads -- only available in October until the Day of the Dead during the first two days of November -- is quintessentially Mexican.

The history of this exquisite bread harkens from the oldest civilizations of Mesoamerica, which offered human sacrifices as daily rituals to their gods with a level of devotion that is staggering to us now.

Dream Places

Mexico is a country with a vast cultural wealth that also has exotic landscapes and places, many of them seem to be drawn from dreams and beautiful fantasy stories. Surely several of them will not see them in commercial tourist guides, as these sites jealously guard their mystique, preserved only for those adventurers who come to visit them.


So, on your next visit to Mexico



México to Spoons

You like culture, traditions, history ... and everything that distinguishes Mexico, come and eat it, devour the whole country in each of its typical dishes. Due to its great wealth on November 16, 2010 Mexican gastronomy was recognized as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.


Cooking in Mexico is an art that even fulfills rituals, and...

Cuastecomates "Including" Beach

The past 13 of May is already a year of the inauguration of Cuastecomates Beach, being thus the first "Beach and Town Inclusive" of Mexico. Same that it is already a national and international tourist reference.


Infrastructure work was carried out both on the beach itself and in the town where they paved streets with stamped hydraulic concrete and were placed on the sides prado-tactile signals for the blind, as well as a wooden walker along the sand strip, Including bathrooms and showers, amphibious furniture to enter the sand and sea, as well as chairs, walkers and crutches, stretcher, lounge chairs and guide dog spaces.


It is important to emphasize that, in order to provide a better service to people with hearing disabilities, the Cihuatlán government work team attended a "Sign Language" training. All in pursuit of a society, where communication is not an obstacle to citizen interaction. HIP


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